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High School Math Ready

The Mrs. Math program is currently geared toward 5th through 10th grade students wanting to be fully prepared for, or get a head start on, high school level math courses. Mrs. Math is hoping to expand its course range soon! 

Progress Monitoring

We want to keep families in the driver seat. Mrs. Math creates a partnership between students, parents, and instructors. Students are evaluated regularly, formally and informally, to ensure they are making progress. 

A Different Approach to Learning

Not all students are successful with self-paced math courses. Instead, Mrs. Math provides 34 weeks of small group instruction, 3-4 days a week, in order to ensure your child's success!

Personalized Instruction

Class sizes are limited,  so instructors can give proper attention to each student. For students not meeting learning targets, 

opportunities are built into the semester for additional help.

Why Mrs. Math?

At Mrs. Math, we know that homeschooling families have strong values and high standards for their child's education. However, we understand that finding quality math curriculum that works for their child can be challenging. Teaching mathematics is not for every parent, and self-paced programs and videos are not for every student. Mrs. Math will partner your family with an experienced math instructor, so you can stop stressing about this year's math curriculum and continue enjoying what you love most about homeschooling!

Here's how it works!

1. Register for one of our math courses.

2. Gain access to a personalized student portal, where students can join live meetings, communicate with their teacher, take assessments, and access all supplemental course material.

3. Monitor your child's progress every step of the way.

4. Stop stressing over math and start enjoying your homeschooling journey!

Click here to read more about our program and get started. 

What to Expect


"We were extremely happy with Mrs. Math. Our son has made a lot of growth this year. The class challenged him to be a better mathematician. Mrs Math classes were engaging with clear instructions. He truly enjoyed this class. We will be back next year!" - Melanie E. (Pre-Algebra)

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