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Pre-Algebra (Semester 1)

10:30am - 11:30am (MST)

  • Ended
  • 550 US dollars
  • Online (Zoom link will be accessed through Student Portal)

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Service Description

This course serves as a bridge between elementary and high school mathematics, and is typically taught in the 8th grade. Students will build a foundation of algebraic concepts, such as factoring, proportions, graphing on a coordinate plane, and solving linear equations and inequalities. Problem solving, reasoning, estimation, and connections between math and everyday applications will be emphasized throughout the course. Mrs. Math recommends this course for any middle school or high school student preparing to take Algebra. SEMESTER 1 CONTENT: Chapter 1: Variables, Expressions, and Integers Use the Language of Algebra Expressions and Variables Powers and Exponents Order of Operations Comparing and Ordering Integers Integer Operations The Coordinate Plane Chapter 2: Solving Equations Commutative and Associative Properties of Equality Identity Properties Distributive Property Simplify Variable Expressions and Combine Like Terms Review One-Step Equations Solve Equations Decimals Chapter 3: Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities Solve Two-Step Equations Solve Equations that have Like Terms and Parentheses Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides Review Solving Inequalities Solve Multi-Step Inequalities Chapter 4: Factors, Fractions, and Exponents Factors and Prime Factorization Greatest Common Factor and Equivalent Fractions Least Common Multiple Solve Equations with Fractions and Mixed Numbers Rules of Exponents Negative and Zero Exponents Scientific Notation Chapter 5: Ratios, Proportions, and Percent Ratios and Rates Write and Solve Proportions Similar and Congruent Figures Similarity and Indirect Measurement Scale Drawings Percent and Proportions Use Equations to Find Percent

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To cancel, please contact us at In most cases, we will refund the remaining balance, based off our weekly cost.

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