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Elementary Math - Level 3
(10:45-11:45am MST)

Meeting Time

10:45-11:45am MST (AZ)
M, T, Th
Extra Help on W and F
34.5 Weeks

About the Course

This course is an upper elementary level math course intended to prepare students for middle grade and high school level math concepts. This course will enrich and support younger students' understanding of the four major mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) within the real number system (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals), as well as their applications. Early geometry and statistics concepts will also be explored.

This online course will include 34.5 weeks of live instruction, printable coursework for each unit, assessments, and a comprehensive solutions manual for students and parents.

Course Outline

Meet the Instructor



Mrs. Math is in the process of hiring a fabulous instructor to teach this course. Someone who loves math and will provide passionate, quality instruction for your child.

Students that enroll in this course will have the same access to open help sessions with Mrs. Math on Wednesdays and every other Friday.

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