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  • How much does Mrs. Math cost?
    Please see our Pricing Page for more information about our plans. Please email Mrs. Math to inquire about sibling discounts.
  • Does Mrs. Math have a self-paced option?
    At this time, Mrs. Math does not offer a self-paced option. While self-paced math programs work well for some families, many students are more successful when receiving frequent live instruction. Mrs. Math instructors are careful to consider the pacing needs of each student, and offer enough differentiation for all students to be both confident and appropriately challenged.
  • Does Mrs. Math use common core?
    Short answer: no. Common Core is a set of grade-specific academic standards that have been adopted by 41 states, including Arizona, where Mrs. Math is based. Mrs. Math has chosen to use a more traditional scope and sequence for its math courses. Please review our courses for more information.
  • Does Mrs. Math offer honors or accelerated math courses?
    Not at this time, specifically. However, we do keep our class sizes small, which makes it easier to tailor the pacing and curriculum. Mrs. Math believes all students should be appropriately challenged, so families can expect differentiation throughout the lessons, such as opportunities for extensions and student choice. If there is a specific course you are interested in, complete an interest form, and who knows? If there is enough interest, we will try to add it!
  • Which Mrs. Math course is right for my child?
    In general, our Math Foundations course will cover the math content typically found in 6th grade math, and Pre-Algebra is typically associated with 7th and 8th grade math curriculum. To help choose the right course for your child, please refer to our math placement guide.
  • Does Mrs. Math teach other subjects besides math?
    Not at this time. If there is a specific course you are interested in, complete an interest form, and who knows? If there is enough interest, we will try to add it!
  • Is Pre-Algebra necessary, or can my child skip straight to Algebra I?
    Some students do well in Algebra I and beyond after skipping over pre-algebra. In fact, many traditional middle school honors programs have students skip 7th and/or 8th grade math and go directly into Algebra I. However, at Mrs. Math, we believe that most students benefit from taking pre-algebra, as it helps establish a strong foundation, not just for Algebra 1, but for all advanced math classes. Pre-algebra introduces students to slope, equations of lines, basic equations, graphs, and properties of exponents. Algebra goes into quadratics, polynomials, functions, exponential functions, and other more complex topics.
  • Are Zoom classes safe?
    No online conferencing platform is 100% secure, but Mrs. Math is dedicated to ensuring the safest possible experience for your child. Here are some of the safety protocols that we utilize for our online courses: - All instructors use two-factor identification to ensure their accounts are secure from hackers or other intruders. - Each class, students will access their Zoom link directly from their Student Portal. - Our Zoom classes are password protected, which change weekly, and can also be accessed in their Student Portal. - All instructors have a waiting room enabled to ensure only users registered for the course are admitted into the Zoom class.
  • Is Mrs. Math an accredited program?
    Perhaps you are a family looking for summertime credit recovery, or a homeschooling family planning to re-enroll in a private or public school district at some point. Note that Mrs. Math is not an Arizona accredited school program. The purpose is to assist homeschooling families in the area of mathematics. Homeschooling students wanting to later enroll in an accredited school may need to take individual tests in each subject area to gain district acceptance and/or credit. Most school districts in the state of Arizona do not accept homeschool credits towards an accredited diploma issued by the school. All of our courses are taught by a highly-qualified and certificated teacher. We are confident that our courses will prepare students needing to take math placement, GED, or college entry exams.
  • Do you have a question you don't see on this page?
    Contact us with your question and we will contact you directly. We may also post your question on this FAQ as others may have the same question.
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