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Course Placement Guide

These assessments can be a helpful guide when trying to determine the best math course for your child to enroll in. There are many factors to consider, so if you have any questions about placement or the results of these assessments, please email Mrs. Math.


1. Use your child's grade level for the 2024-2025 school year to select a test to begin with. 

2. Have your child take the test independently, without the use of a calculator. They can fill out their answers online, or you can print the test for them. 

3. Use the answer key to score their assessment. The answer is either completely correct or incorrect (i.e. if they forget a negative sign or misplace the decimal, the answer is incorrect). 

4. Find their results on the placement guide. (Note: Some students that start on Test A will be advised to take Test B as well.) 


Will you be in 6th or 7th Grade
Begin here!


Will you be in 8th Grade or above?
Begin here!

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