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Mrs. Math is ESA Approved! AZ Residents, click here to learn more about the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program. 




Charged on Monday of each academic week.
34 Total Payments

Affordable weekly payments.

Families only get charged during instructional weeks.

Choose Your Pricing Plan




First payment charged at time of enrollment.
Second payment due by 01/09/23.

Perfect for families that prefer fewer payments.

10% discount from our weekly payment option (~$32/wk).

Full Academic Year



Charged at time of enrollment.
No Further Payments

Perfect for families ready to commit for the full year.

Over 15% discount from our weekly payment option ($30/wk).

Class registration for 2022-23 is currently open.

NOTE: When enrolling in a math program, please register each student individually. There are sibling discounts.  Contact Mrs. Math for more information. 

What's Included?

complete curriculum

Complete mathematics curriculum is provided for families enrolled in a Mrs. Math course. No textbook/workbook purchase required. Course materials can be printed or completed online.

LIVE Instruction

Families can expect 60-minute lessons with a live instructor, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, as well as optional help sessions on Wednesdays. In case of absences, instructional sessions will be recorded for students, and available in their learning portal.

progress monitoring

Chapter assessments and semester exams help ensure students are mastering the math content, and allow your child's instructor to revisit concepts that may require additional practice. 

STUDENT portal

Easy-to-navigate learning portal allows families to communicate with their child's instructor, access course materials, and monitor their child's progress.

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